With all the thinking your brain does for you in a day, how much time do you spend thinking about your brain? Truth is your probably don’t think about it much at all. Brain training and brain fitness are essential to your overall health and if you aren’t currently doing it you should be.

So what is brain training? Cognitive brain training consists of a variety of exercises that are meant to improve brain functioning. You can also refer to it as brain fitness. These types of activities can help you have a better attention span, help you think clearly before and acting and help you with processing information.

Brain training has benefits for a whole range of people. It can help an average healthy adult’s mind stay fresh and in top operating condition. It can seriously decline the onset of dementia for older individuals. It also has benefits for people with attention disorders such as ADD and ADHD. It seems pretty obvious if you think about it for a minute but keeping your brain healthy is good for everyone.

One of the main breakthroughs recently in the brain fitness industry is using computers as a tool to train the brain. Cognitive brain training is usually a one on one activity which can be time consuming and expensive. However with computer programs that do the same activities that a therapist would do it makes this type of brain training available to a much larger audience.

Most computer brain training software includes activities such as puzzles that are designed to stimulate thinking skills and help you to be a better problem solver. In addition these activities can also improve reasoning, memory, attention and response times. To get the best benefit most programs say that you should spend a few minutes each day doing brain fitness activities.

There are other types of brain activities you can do at home as well. You can find many guides online that give lists of activities to help grow certain functions of the brain. These are definitely effective as well. The main difference between these types of activities and brain training software is that the software is designed with a scientific method as a basis.

No matter which methods of brain training you use the reality is you should be doing something everyday to increase your brain function. We spend a lot of time on our health trying to eat right and get exercise and most of us forget to exercise one of our most essential parts, the brain.

By Nathana Eleisenberg

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