wrestedWhile I’m just sitting there on the edge of the bed with my Jack Daniels bottle in my hand. He just wouldn’t leave that one sensitive spot on me alone. The one sure spot that he love playing with and that one spot that always got me going. And even with that, it was more about the way he kept stroking me. He had this way of moving his hands all over me slowly but firmly caressing my body at the same time. He knew how hot it made me with all of his touching and arousing me like that. He also knew that it would send me into a hot and steamy sexual overdrive. And damn! I was loving each and every moment of it, time and time again. And, even though I was telling him to stop, I actually didn’t want him to stop. I wanted more of him and I wanted more of what he was giving me. I wanted more of the feelings that I was feeling being around him. And every time he was smoking that reefer, I somehow desired him all that much more.

He came off of the bed with his fine sexy black ass, face to face with me while ending up on his knees. And before I knew it, his lips were hungrily wrapped around my solid manhood as he began to take it all in. Ever so slowly, my moans could not be contained as he pressed his right hand up against my chest. I fell backward onto the bed as that was all I could do in the heat of the moment. This feeling was the kind of sexual feeling that I thought could only happen in a dream.
kissingI’m lying there flat on the bed allowing this fine chocolate specimen to just have his way with me. But in a hot minute, it will be my turn to flip the scene and do what I do best with him, lay that ass out, like pussy use to be to me. That’s exactly what he was waiting on, and so was I. So, with all of the formalities out of the way, we’re definitely leading up to the big finale of him getting that pussy-ass fucked damn good! His facial expressions gave me perfect timing for the switch up, as he reached over and grabbed that reefer from the ashtray and started puffing on it. The reefer smoke that came from his mouth and his nose was causing him to come alive even more. There’s always something about him that just drove me crazy. And him smoking that damn #reefer!

I reached for my bottle of Jack Daniels and with only a few shots left, I didn’t hesitate to finish it off, right then and there. The mood was right. The music was playing in the background and that ass was getting ready to be all mine. He was feeling his buzz and I was feeling mines. I grabbed him by his arms and threw him to the floor. I watched him slither his naked sexy fine black ass back onto the bed. I positioned myself over him ready to tame and take that ass. Having sex with him was like… a beautiful thing. He didn’t just lay there. He had a way of moving to the grove and were moving together almost like it was all meant to be. At that particular moment we were insuperable. Our love making would last for hours on hours to no ends. We would change positions, the ones he liked and the ones I liked as well.

Taking a break from time to time only to allow for the love making, freak session to last long into night hours. And then, back at it again into the one favorite position that I liked best; him on his stomach with each leg straddling the edges of the bed mattress. While holding that grip. His hands would hold each end of the headboard frame of the bed. And, at that moment he gave it to me. All of it… Damn, you couldn’t imagine that feeling unless you’ve tried it yourself. It is the best! All that ass, all mine. Damn! His ass moving slowly left to right, right to left. Back and forth. Up and down. It just drove me crazy. His sensuous man moaning got louder and louder. Sexier and sexier as it kept me going harder and harder. Stronger and stronger until we…both were just about ready to reaching that tantalizing moment of pure release ecstasy. He Love Making Love after Puffing a Reefer.

Lawrence RedMan
Motivational Speaker
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