How often do the male species add color to his wardrobe without feeling  like he just stepped out of a crayon box or stepped back in time when his mother use to dress him? Chances are unless you happened attend some art school or your working in the entertainment business; the odds are not that high.  Most men’s eyes tend to glaze over and go vague whenever someone starts introducing or talking about hues and shades and complementary colors. That’s too bad, adding color to your wardrobe can be a powerful visual stimulator that can send a message without saying a word.  Just check out our Model for the month of August….as he goes bold with several bright colors such as Yellow, Orange and Red. Step out of the monotonous box of just your basic “Safe” colors and add dabs of color whenever and wherever you can. Whether it’s  a belt, a fun watch, and yes even a colorful Blazer.

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US Model of the Month: AUGUST
Model: Obio
Reside: Atlanta, GA

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