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Did you know that anus rectum length varies, but it is about 3 to 6 inches long. The reason you can have a bowel movement that is very long is because the feces must first leave the colon which is long to exit the rectum. In order for a man to take more then 6 inches he must be able to relax first through mutual attraction , emotional connection and support and receive a penis which enters the anus ( the first sphincter muscle ), allow it to penetrate the Sigmoid colon and if the receiver is taking more then 8 or fisting he must allow it to enter the Eternal sphincter muscle.

Shitting can be difficult if constipated so taking penis in the rectum is truly an art form that is taken for granted. We praise and worship men with big penis and great stroking skills but what about about the Receivers who are talented as well if not MORE.  Just preparation for intercourse is an art form alone which requires great timing, precision, proper dieting and patience. Over cleaning the rectum is risky as well as not cleaning it as it can be a breading area for germs.

Anyone can be a top if they like ass but not everyone can be a BOTTOM even if they really enjoy it. Not all ass is created equal just like, not all penis are created equal. As I look around I notice lots of men are shunning away from receiving and embracing more mutual masturbation, oral sex, kissing and etc. If there are so many more bottoms then Tops and Versatile men why do we put so much emphasis on being a TOP when the true talent is being a Bottom? Does DICK have that much power? That has been one of my biggest questions as a Gay Male.

By Modell Malcom Thomas


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