It was a Sunday night and we had discussed going out for the last couple of months as couples do especially when they are still transitioning from their twenties to their thirties. Usually we would talk about going out and leave it as just talk because, although we are craving a break from what can be a mundane work and social life the fact that we start yawning hard at 10:30pm and the battle to fight sleep is on and poppin by 11:30pm. Still, we managed to drag ourselves from the bed after a power nap (calling it “power” makes you feel less old) went back and forth about what we would wear and it started to feel like the early 2000’s all over again. This time we were not pre-gaming, the focus was to put on a fresh face and try to stay awake.
Making the transition from twenties to thirties is quite the experience. From the way you view the world to even the way you see yourself. You begin to see that there is much more to life than what you previously knew. Your view becomes global and not limited to your city limits. Because of the broadened perspective you may place a higher value on close intimate relationships as opposed to a large crowd of people who are wearing their nightclub best with the desire of being the baddest person on the scene. You crave intimacy more than attention. In our thirties there has been a priority shift, instead of spending time and money on that nightlife experience, there has been a focus in building on existing foundations that lead to future investments. Now this transition does not happen overnight nor does it come easy because we naturally resist change and stepping into the new makes most of us a bit uncomfortable but here are four ways to step smoothly into your new world:

1) Find social connections with people who have made the transition you are going through. So basically find friends who are a few years older, they will know where to point you for your new versions of excitement and fun.

2) Create the change you wish to see host parties at your place and have the activities, conversations and alcohol that works well for you. No longer into the bump and grind? Cool set up your own chew and chat over cocktails.

3) You can still go to the club many people reserve this for when they are traveling out of town, but if you go a kiddie club you should know that this is their space for that generation to express themselves in the way that makes them most comfortable. So know your capacity to deal with loud large pushy crowds and a little sexual harassment (or worse no sexual harassment at all) and create a plan to get you in and out at a reasonable time.

4) Discover the rest of world. If clubbing was the highlight of your youth then let me will be the first to break this too you; the world is a much bigger place with plenty of affordable all hour experiences, horseback riding, zip lining, hiking, wine tastings and much more. Introduce the new you to new experiences (groupon living social).

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