Personality and drive are some of the winning features to success. I had the pleasure of working one of my favorite reality individuals, Dr. Simone Whitmore. Being introduced to her on the break out show and Bravo’s top shows, Married to Medicine, I instantly fell in the love with Dr. Simone. She displayed herself as a professional, fun loving, intelligent yet sarcastic and blunt individuals on the show. She wasn’t fighting for the spotlight, she allowed the real her on the inside to shine. When the chance to shoot with my favorite occurred I jumped at it. She arrived to the studio, full of energy ready to step out of her comfort zone. I was determined to take the conservative DOCTOR and let the PARTY happen. And we partied! Then get to know a Different side of Dr. Simone Whitmore. 

Upon being presented the idea about the show Married to Medicine, what were your initial thoughts?
When I was approached regarding casting for Married to Medicine, I was excited about the possibility of filming for a reality TV show.  First, this opportunity might lead to other TV opportunities in a different realm of TV and secondly, I could break many of the stereotypes people have about doctors (not personable, not capable of having fun, nothing in life beyond medicine, etc.).
Whats did or do you expect to gain from the experience, seeing that you have a successful practice?
By filming Married to Medicine, it is my hope to gain useful knowledge in the entertainment arena so I may become a vehicle to share my medical thoughts and opinions on a broader spectrum and help all women with health related issues we so commonly face.
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After watching the show, how do you feel you were portrayed?  
After watching myself on TV, I was pleased to have represented my authentic self.  I am a physician who successfully juggles being a business owner, wife, mother and one who enjoys life as often as I can.  I showed work-life-balance is achieveable. This was also my opportunity to break down some of the stereotypes surrounding doctors and I think my mission was accomplished!
Attending a HBC, Spelman, how was the experience?
I gained so much from my experience as a Spelman student.  Knowing that I could accomplish any goal I set was so richly re-enforced behind the gates of Spelman College.  As a freshman, I had the opportunity every week to sit in Sisters Chapel and hear a powerful and successful African American woman speaking to the students.  Each week, I felt as if each woman was speaking to me directly when she said, “You can be anybody you want to be and do anything you want to do.”  Besides getting a great education, I received every encouraging word I needed to move forward in making my goals and aspirations a reality.
Whats are some of your favorite fashion brands?
I have so many favorite fashion brands because I don’t hold any brand hostage and show them all some love.  These brands include Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Elie Tahari, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Gucci (just to name a few).  We all know that brands don’t make the individual, the individual makes the bran
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Who is your style inspiration and why?
I don’t have any one style or brand that inspires me.  I consider myself conservative, yet flexible enough to try new styles and go with the flow.
What drives you in your life and explain why?
Every since I was 12 years old, I knew I would become a physician.  I learned early in life based on my parent’s teachings a good education and hard work would provide a bright future.  My father planted the seed for me to become a doctor but it was my mother’s persistent push toward great grades and financial assistance that would ultimately help me to realize my dreams of being a doctor.  My mother molded every attribute I would need to be successful in this world.  Because she believed in me, I believed in myself.
What are some the community outreach programs you are involved in?
Every year, I mentor young girls/ladies who aspire to become doctors.  I offer a lot of basic guidance regarding staying focused and keeping your eye on the prize.  I also try to encourage these young ladies to be self-motivated and do whatever is necessary to meet their goals.  Of course, obstacles will be met but greet them with a smile and move on.
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What platform do you believe the show will allow you to push for?
I am not representing any one particular platform.  I am excited to be on TV representing myself as a physician, business owner, wife and mother.  I am proud to show America that African American women come in all shades and sizes, have different careers, have lots of different attitudes, have varying responses to different situations and simply know how to enjoy this life we’ve been blessed with.
Whats in the future for Dr. Simone?
It is my dream to one day hosts a TV talk show that addresses various medical and social topics for women
Photographer: Ahmad Barber
Creative Director/Stylist: Carter James
Hairstylist: Branden Combs
Make-up Artist: So Chevon

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