The music world has been garnering new talent since the first record put to wax. Daily new artist pop up, trying to get the masses to take notice. Often few last but every now and then, some new talent take the attention of many giving them shine for the moment. Hopefully the shine turns into a major career, driven by passion, talent and star quality.

1final IMG_0342I have taken notice to a new blonde haired singer named Darci Daye. Darci Daye is the realm of pop music and offering a hip hop aspect to it. What sets this artist apart from others? SEX and SEDUCTION, which makes her different. The New Orleans native is not afraid to showcase her sexiness on the records. She offers a slight whisper over aggressive forward driven records, while displaying seduction and allure in the imagery. She owns her sexuality and does not care who is concerned with it. Darci released two singles, “In the Middle” and “Showgirl,” which gives the audience to different but cohesive sounds. These records have created a strong buzz on the web for her and looking forward to hearing more from her this summer. The coming of Darci Daye is vastly approaching!
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