This program was created by sexual minority women for sexual minority women and requires a 1.5 hour commitment every week for 12 weeks. The group will be limited to15 women-the first 15 women who meet criteria for participation will be invited to participate. These criteria include: identifying as a sexual minority woman (e.g. lesbian, bisexual, queer, 2-spirited, gay); at least 18 years old; a DC resident ; having a Body Mass Index over 27 (at least 15 pounds overweight); the ability to communicate in English; and having access to health insurance and a primary healthcare provider.

The enrollment process involves filling out three surveys, being weighed and measuring your muscle/fat ratio using a bathroom-type scale.

The enrollment process is anticipated to take about 30-45 minutes at Mautner Project. There is no cost for participation. The 12-week program will begin when at least 15 women are enrolled. Cycle four date to be announced.

The weight loss program (called MOVE – Making Our Vitality Evident!) encourages women to select one of four eating plans, participate in a purposeful movement activity on a regular basis and offers an opportunity to openly discuss issues related to weight. It is restricted to women who identify as a sexual minority to ensure a safe space for addressing issues that may be specific to their lives. This is one of several pilot studies of a larger program, so there is also an opportunity to help improve the program.

Please contact D Magrini at 202.332.5536 or to inquire about enrolling in the study.

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