LETTER FROM MIXFEST ATL 2013 CHAIRMAN, MAURICE JAMAL:mixfest atlantaOn behalf of the MIXFEST ATL 2013 board, staff and volunteers I’m proud to formally announce MIXFEST: The International LGBT Film + Arts Festival of Color, April 12-14, 2013 to be held in Atlanta, GA.

MIXFEST is unapologetically THE platform for queer and LGBT artists, and those down with the next and best in everything…Period! Like our name implies, it’s time to “MIX” it up….to remix the current common thought…to adjust our settings…to balance out the picture and put ourselves in living Hi-definition for the world to see.

At MIXFEST, queer is no longer just about being gay or lesbian. The “Queer” umbrella encompasses all cultures, ethnicities, ages and backgrounds. Its about being part of the next..the newest…the hub of modern culture. It’s about every kid or the kid inside us all who had an idea that was different and Unique or odd. It’s about those who were simply fabulous and ahead of their time. Now the time has come!

LGBT is amazing. It just is. Its not always easy, but nothing great ever is. The reality is that the LGBT community are the trend setters across the entertainment industry and artistic landscape. Yet often our voices and perspectives aren’t fully appreciated. Sometimes because of prejudice and sometimes because of our own belief that we can’t be who we truly are…or live our greatest life.

But this is a new day and its time to “MIX it up”. Over the past year and a half, a group of dedicated LGBT artists have been gathering and planning this festival. I’m proud to have served as their chair and can’t wait to experience all the fantastic programming this the team has put together for Festival.

MIXFEST is also dedicated to the premise that through art we can change the world. Our core belief is that ART + ACTION = ADVOCACY! To that end we have entered into several key partnerships with organizations dedicated to the improving life for LGBT people.

We are proud to announce that our Banner Community Partner for 2013 is BLACK AIDS INSTITUTE. As the leader in advocacy for Black people and HIV, the Institute has a long history of fighting for us, often quietly behind the scenes. Now, BAI joins MIXFEST in presenting groundbreaking arts programming that will excite, inspire and ignite change!

We are equally proud to stand alongside SAFE SPACE AT MOREHOUSE COLLEGE. The first student led LGBT organization at the HBCU. Safe Space has fought for equality, inclusion and acceptance at Morehouse, and has been a leader for LGBT organizations at other HBCU’s as well as colleges and universities across the US.

Check the MIXFEST schedule for the special programs highlighting both these amazing community partners.

So for all of us, here’s MIXFEST: A celebration of quality LGBT Films, Artists and themes. To our fellow artists, this is your platform. To all of our LGBT family, this is your platform to discover, to enjoy, to be moved. To our friends and family, this is your place to support, to encourage, to grow but more importantly….to SHINE!

Over the next several weeks, MIXFEST will unveil its full schedule and present many of the world-premiere films, artists and debut performances the weekend will bring.

We would love to see you all in Atlanta next month as we launch this amazing new festival. HERE’S TO MIXFEST 2013!

Maurice Jamal, Festival Chair


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