black-ish-Blackish is a new comedy about an African American family where the patriarch is plagued by the idea that his family is somehow losing its sense of Blackness as the family makes economical and social advancements. Every week the father learns one more area of his “Black” life that is challenged by his newly adopted mainstream value system. In this particular episode the father struggled with the question of whether spanking was an acceptable form of chastising children. Ultimately, what the father learned is that his kid was more impacted by the idea of disappointing his father more than a spanking itself, which points to a certain admiration and “like” in the parent-child relationship that extends beyond the love. You see, we admire those that we like even more than those we just #love. When we like someone there is an admiration attached which creates a desire to please or to not disappoint them. Think about the last time you disappointed someone you actually like. There was a bit of a sting wasn’t there? This got me to thinking about the relevance of “like” and how critical it is to sustainable relationships.

Living in like is an expression in which Intimacy and Colour use to describe theMichael and Aushun daily practice of expressing your appreciation for another. It is a daily practice because it is entirely possible to fall in love and then fall into routine. Once you fall into routine it becomes easier to take your partner for granted and start to focus on what you do not like. Living in dislike is never a path most intend to go down, it just happens that way when we lose sight of what we like about one another. Imagine every time you interacted with a loved one they remind you of what it is they like about you. Well you may already have this with grandma or uncle so-and-so and perhaps you even have it with your boo. As for the rest of us we must remember that we get into a relationship to see the world through someone else’s eyes. We may not always like what we see and that’s okay but even still, our job is to focus on what we like so that what we can continue to attract more of that like.

Never underestimate the power of Like. Love and its entire glory can be an important expectation we ask of partners and loved ones. Although love and the expression of love can be a beautiful thing, just simply reminding folks that you in fact more than love them but you also like them can provide a sense of extraordinary sense of validation.


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