JOSH pligrimUS ambassador What was your initial mission and has it changed throughout the years?
It hasn’t changed it may have grown with additional goals but it hasn’t changed, as I mentioned above I initially got into this business to provide our community with quality events, Where they would be proud that something was created for them and about them.

US ambassador If you had one event to produce, what would it be?
I would produce something during a Pride weekend that has never been done before shh cant give all my surprises away lol

US ambassador Consider all things that matter, What’s important to you today and going forward?
What’s most important to me is humility and spirituality. I try to keep God in everything I do and remain gracious and humble. I consider myself very blessed and will always remain thankful.

US ambassador Remember a time you patted yourself and had an euphoric moment?
Yes often in this business with how fast it moves, one can forget to take time out and tell yourself good job. I don’t do it often but sometimes I surprise myself and I smile because I know firsthand the hard work that’s involved.

US ambassador We all make mistakes, if a factor of growth, Can you identify one and how your progression to resolve it?
I am constantly trying new things, some work’s and some don’t but your right it is a definite part of growth. I try to stay open to new innovative ideas. When an issue arises that’s where my faith and confidence in myself take over. My attitude is that stress and doubt only make a situation worse rectify the situation best you
can, learn from your mistakes, and move on.

US ambassador How do you balance work and play?
This is why I’m Single lol, It’s been hard to actually take time for myself, So its been a struggle but when I figure it out I will let you know lol

US ambassador Many have seen the bright lights and music. What are your give back in regards to awareness and philanthropic?I love to give back, a lot of what we do is designed to either raise HIV/AIDS awareness, or collect clothes and canned foods for the less fortunate. We often work closely with local non-profit agencies.

US ambassador It is important to have mentor or a reference point? Do you have one or a model you follow?
Yes It is very important that you have someone that you respect and look up to that has your best interest at heart. I actually look up to my mother. She is an amazing woman 4 kids and still a successful business women and for the most part she did it on her own.

US ambassador How important is it to be culturally diverse?
Well in my business and personal life I feel it’s important to be able to relate to people where they are. It’s important to be able to connect. The more you culturally diverse yourself and learn about and learn to respect cultural differences the more people will be open to you. Plus being Bi-racial I have always appreciated and found it interesting how culturally different both sides of my family are.

US ambassador Suggest a book that impacted your life.
The Art of War


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