When a man first learns he will be a father, a bit of pride wells up inside of him. This is the child of his making. He celebrates, for hope has found a new life. Every man must indeed be proud of his children. The child is a reflection of the father and the mother. The prospective father talks with excitement. His range of emotions is beyond measure.

Men respond in different ways when they first learn their child will be born. They are surprised by the initial news. Becoming a father is an exciting event. When the response to fatherhood is shared, the excitement is contagious. Everyone rejoices with the announcement a child will be born. We know the world will never be the same again. A new little person is coming to join the human race. A father awaits the birth of his child with love as he contemplates the happy event. He accepts the responsibility of providing for his family as he works hard, anticipating the special day when his child will be born. In a moment of concern, he vows he will protect his family forever.

The human response to fatherhood is one of protection for his child. Men fulfill duty and responsibility with different levels of concern and performance. Some men respond with the greatest concern while others remain aloof, unconcerned. A man with genuine concern is sensitive to every need at this delicate time. Each man chooses the way he carries the weight of responsibility for his own family. Even if he does not respond to family needs, every man feels responsibility for his child. He must be part of the birthing process, when the baby comes. Love is the measure that drives him when he has reached his lowest peak. Fatherhood is a reflection, a reminder of this duty. A man remembers his responsibility.

Some men show sensitivity, and respond with positive actions for mother and child. When they learn of their fatherhood, they form a new commitment and they keep their promises. They are helpful with every need. Their life is changed because they now have a unique opportunity to serve another person as the father of their child. This bond is sacred. It is built on love and trust. Every father is called to these deep responsibilities.

It is elementary that a man would care for his family. From the beginning of time, men have protected women and children from danger. Warriors fought to preserve the life of the land. Fathers know they must protect their family. Accepting the role of fatherhood shows growth for it takes a mature man to be the father for their child.

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