smoking weedAs I walked into the room, to my surprise there he was. With the covers pulled up close to his face in an attempt of hiding his innocent sexual demeanor. I saw a shadow lying there in the darkness of my room. He was just lying there, not making a sound. He slowly glanced out from under the covers. I could see the night-light cast the silhouette shadow of his full nakedness in my sexual vision. He was puffing on that damn reefer again. Oh, oh hell Naw! I thought to myself….what a night this is going to be. Where is my Jack Daniels at? I need a drink!!!

He was poised in such a way that almost made me jump under the covers right then and there and handle him the way he liked. But, Naw, I…..I had to keep my cool and allow for him to think that he was in full and total control of this moment. Because, that’s what he liked.
He was so different from the rest. Something about him that kept me connected to only him. Not only was he so
beautiful, intelligent and damn chocolate sexy in every sense of the words. He was alive, fun, witty, sweet and often times silly in a subtle sexual manner that kept me….well let’s just say…it wouldn’t go down not as long as he was around. You know that gut damn feeling when you know what you know, what you know? When you know? You know?
I was damn hooked on his kind of high. It was a freaky kind of high. That kind of high that made me feel damn alive!!!

lying thereThe intensity of our sex-making, love making,, freaking all through the night making ….always had us both craving for even more…time and time again. He wanting me as much as I wanted and needed him.
He saw that look in my eyes. I saw that look in his eyes…
He saw me licking my lips. As my clothes were all now just about off.
Damn, you have to know that feeling.
He was licking his too and puffing on that damn reefer… at the damn same time, again. I know his ass was a stone cold freak,
Just like I like it. He made me feel good. His ass made me hard.
He made me feel wanted. He made me feel alive.
He made me turn into the freak that I had been hiding for so long.

And I was enjoying each and every minute of it. I had my Jack Daniel’s.
And he knew that if I was drinking my Jack Daniels.
We would be fucking the entire night long, and then again in the morning…outside on the patio. In the wee hours of the morning.
Damn, I like this kind of high!

As he continue lying there playing with me, in his very own little sweet sexual way. I was hooked. His moans began cry out louder and louder into the night, as the anticipation got stronger and stronger.
And as I finally pulled back the covers. I asked? “What are you doing here?” He said absolutely nothing lying there with his fine ass. He came closer towards me and I sat down near the edge of the bed.
He touched that spot and damn that did it!

Lying there butt-damn naked puffing on that reefer again. He knew what he was doing and I was enjoying it as always. Because he loves making love after puffing a reefer.

By Lawrence RedMan

Lawrence RedMan



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