Have you ever wished for the powers of clairvoyance and the ability to read people’s minds? Perhaps you’ve heard stories about people who have made decisions based on a gut feeling or maybe you’ve heard people say something just didn’t/did feel right. Have you wondered why that person’s inner voice or instincts were so strong that they felt compelled to act on them or that they trusted this unseen force from within, maybe even more then what their other five senses? You already possess the power of clairvoyance, or at least something close to it. It’s called intuition; chances are you have hushed this voice to a small whisper to accommodate your other senses. Don’t worry it is an innate power and you can hone and strengthen your intuition.

Your intuition can be an entirely powerful force of internal nature. Unfortunately, a lot of what we learn growing up about how we ought to exist in the world and how to get and sustain love might very well facilitate the blocking of our intuitional development. We tell ourselves that in order to be loved and accepted we need to ignore what could be potential signs that indicate a need for boundary assertion or even inform us if we are compatible for the long haul. For those of us dealing with situations like intimate partner violence when our partner abused us the first time, some of us responded respond by saying “well I did piss my partner off, “ which indicates acceptance of the mistreatment. While being accountable for your behavior can be a beautiful tool towards balance, in relationships it’s important that everyone is held accountable and ideally if we are operating from a place of love then no one person has the right or power to penalize someone else, particularly physically, point blank period! However, some of us have accepted poor behavior which taught our partner that it’s okay to hit us and even potentially more importantly, teaching ourselves to ignore our feelings and our worth to accommodate someone who is clearly taking advantage of us. Our intuition may have warned us of our partner’s abusive potential long before the physical act of abuse even occurred. Some will ignore that little voice because it has not provided enough evidence to satisfy the other senses. Each time we ignore our intuition we trust ourselves less and less until that voice which once may have been strong doesn’t even try to speak up because it already knows that you won’t listen.

Every time we accept less then what we deserve, we silence our instinct, ignore our gut and confuse our ability to trust our intuition we miss out on opportunities to practice feeling and processing our feelings. We become dependent on what is outside of us and we will always choose the voices outside of ourselves over the voice inside. The universe wants conspire in your favor but you must allow it to. You must learn to choose yourself, learn to love the things that make you your unique self. How do we unmute our inner voice and learn to trust ourselves again? Go back to the basics and learn how to feel your feelings. Ask yourself what is best for you and pay attention to the body’s response. When making an important decision close your eyes, tune out the world, and turn up your inner voice, chances are your instincts are trying to tell you something. First we must simply feel our feelings and distinguish between when we are angry, sad, happy, in pleasure or joyous because these experiences are different. Feel your feelings and do the work to find out what that means. Don’t just settle for being alive when you deserve to live. Let your intuition be your guide.

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