Someone Cares has a new Mental Health Program!

The Mental Health Evolution Program has been developed with a multidisciplinary team approach. Specifically targeted to engage Men who have Sex with Men (MSM), and the Transgender whom have a multiple or dual diagnosed serious mental illness; inclusive of psychological disorders, and substance abuse/dependence in the communities which they reside. This high at risk demographic’s norm for exposure to hazardous, irresponsible sexual behaviors leads to high rates of HIV/STD infections and need dire modification through prevention/intervention by getting the much needed help through our MHEP Program. Statistically individuals challenged with mental health issues do not responded well to the traditional office based mental health programs available to them, and in general demand more effective treatment through innovative client centered, one on one/ group level engagement & treatment strategies. Typically, they have suffered at the hands of abuse, violence, and childhood traumas causing themselves to become isolated by the general public as they continue to attempt to survive within the perils of their life’s struggles alone, frequently in need of emergency/ psychiatric hospital admissions, criminal arrests, homelessness and untreated medical conditions which lead to premature deaths. Please give us a call if you need our assistance…. 678-921-2706 x 227


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