From: Micheal Rice
Executive Producer/creator of BRICKS

Date: April 11th, 2013

Press Release
Subject: Show info/press release
BRICKS  Docu-reality show
Rice Productions (e)
They are the Bricks that make up New York City, They are Brian, Anthony,Franky,Rob, kassandra, ken, Clarence, Sheldon,Damion and Demarco, A group of guys who want to make their dreams come true in the big City and their letting nothing or no one stand in their way!

This docu-reality series takes an in-depth look into urban gay culture in New York City. This show is about progression not opulence, you get a sneak peak into the lives of upwardly progressive ppl who are working towards their own successful pathway in life like Angyl – the adult film star who makes you think twice about the lifestyle and business of the porn industry, Brian-the Black and Chinese print model, Franky the actor, Demarco-Former pro basketball player, Sheldon -new college grad and known controversy with Kevin Clash scandal, Kassandra  the Vogue dancer,Ken -the gay rapper and Rob– gay veteran of the Iraq war and newly published Author just to name a few..

Bricks-is a reality show about different components coming together to form one unit, and that unit within this production is striving for success. Bricks tells  the story of 9 young urban gay men from different backgrounds striving to make their dreams come true in the big apple better known as New York City. Bricks will be the new voice and vision of gay reality TV, its truth, it’s real, it’s fresh,it speaks!

Excecutive producer and creator:

Micheal Rice is the creative director and executive producer for the reality show BRICKS. Rice’s background in the arts began at Prairie View A&M University, in Houston Texas where he received his B.A in theatre arts and minor in dance. After transitioning from Texas to his current home of New York City Micheal has performed, directed and choreographed a number of shows around the world and in the theatre community. “I decided to use my training in theatre and venture into the film/television arena” ” The ideal for BRICKS came to me as I was watching The A-list New York on logo and I thought It would be a wonderful concept to tell the story of the young blk gay male in New York City which would be so different from that of The A-list, so there fore I started drawing up the plans and now a pilot trailer and a great deal of interested networks”

Excecutive Producer
Micheal Rice

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