AmalunaThis past Saturday was truly an astounding homage to the complexity, power, grace and beauty of feminine energy. Cirque Du Soleil’s Amaluna – directed by Diane Paulus captivated audiences with haunting melodic seduction, provocative storytelling through dance and cogent messaging about love, courage and honor. The underlying theme of balance manifested in riveting ways, demonstrating a tapestry of beautiful creative expression that all individuals can appreciate. Amaluna, the name of the island where the adventures of all the characters unfold, connects two words, “ama”, meaning mother and “luna”, mean moon. It sets the tone for the entire production from the moment the tent opens allowing patrons to take their seats. In an instant you are swept into their reality with an intimate seating arrangement where characters can interact with audience members, allowing for all sorts of surprises!

Cirque_AmyMcClendonAmid the playfulness of Cali, a half-human, half lizard, the supple strength of Miranda, a young ingenue full of beauty, Prospera, a shaman goddess and protective mother and all the many flora and fauna of Amaluna, your senses and wonders will be mesmerized to the edge of glory and excitement. The peacock goddess is a must see! She moves with such refinement and poise, a true master of story-telling with the body. Her role in the events that unfold express the purity of love. Audience members will also fall in love with Deeda, a nurse with spunk and vivaciousness. The dancers skill and dynamic performances are perfectly balanced with just enough explosiveness and tension. The arial performances, gymnastics, and specialized acts, juxtaposed to costumed genius and sensational and electrifying musical compositions will truly promote, motivate and foster a childlike-sense-of freedom and wonder.

The show is a tour de force! A perfect pinnacle of achievement celebrating Cirque Du Soleil’s 30th anniversary. I have been supporting this amazing artistry for years and highly recommend taking all members of the family to see the spectacle. Amaluna showcases in Metro Atlanta’s Atlantic Station until November 30th. It is perfect for an evening date with someone special or a weekend adventure for the kids. You will leave feeling inspired by the deeply moving and resonating story. See you under the big tent!

By Rigness

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