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January 5, 2015
Contact: R. Darlene Hudson 404-441-4827
Craig Washington 404-909-0934

The 2015 Bayard Rustin/Audre Lorde Breakfast
Justice, Freedom, Desire: A Homecoming Part II
The Breakfast has a New Location

Atlanta, GA – On Monday January 19th Martin Luther King Day 2015, the 2015 Bayard Rustin/Audre Lorde Breakfast will be held at the Loudermilk Center in downtown Atlanta at 40 Courtland Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30303.
Doors will open at 9:30 AM and breakfast will be served at 10:00 AM. The 14th annual event honors the lives of the late Bayard Rustin and Audre Lorde and the ongoing work of Black LGBTQ and other people committed to social change. The Rustin/Lorde Breakfast engages people through fellowship and dialogue to support the work of local activists.
We proudly celebrate the theme Justice, Freedom, and Desire: A Homecoming Pt II because in doing so we assert the values of the crucial words and actions of our fellow leaders and activists, such as this call to action by Bayard Rustin – “When an individual is protesting society’s refusal to acknowledge his dignity as a human being, his very act of protest confers dignity on him.”
The planning group for the Rustin/Lorde Breakfast upholds our shared legacy by standing in solidarity with individuals who have protested against police brutality targeting people of color, and have worked to create safety and freedom of expression towards building a “beloved community” as expressed by the late Dr. King. This work as demonstrated by LGBTQ people of color involved in liberation movements must be intersectional and not single issue focused. “We each as individuals, groups, and organizations have an important role in determining our future and we are strengthened when we do the work collectively,” said co-founder Darlene Hudson.
Free parking will be available. Following the breakfast, participants will join the Martin Luther King Jr. March and Rally at the corner of Peachtree St and Ellis St. The March begins at 2 PM. Immediately following the march, the rally will be held on Auburn Avenue near the Martin Luther King Jr Center for Non-Violent Social Change.
This event is handicap accessible. Interpreters will be present for the hearing impaired.
For more information about the 2015 Bayard Rustin/Audre Lorde Breakfast, visit our Rustin/Lorde Breakfast Facebook page.
Community Sponsors: AARP, AID Atlanta, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Atlanta Pride, Common Ground Real Estate, EM Designs Group, Georgia Equality, Georgia Safe Schools Coalition, ,Human Rights Campaign (HRC), The Health Initiative, Phillip Rush Center,
Promotional Partners: Atlanta Voice, Georgia Voice, Meak Productions.

Roshelle Darlene Hudson, MSW
Co Founder, Rustin- Lorde
Community planning group
& A Southern Community Activist

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  • Terrance

    Alfred Addresses Gotham Marriage Equality Rally‏I was very moved by your Holy Matrimony, Batman article both in the pontis you make and how creatively you make them.In addressing the Hartford rally very briefly last night, I attempted to channel some of the spirit of your article. The result is below:We gather tonight on the eve of Passover.At Passover seders around the world tonight, our Jewish friends will intentionally spill drops of red wine as they recall the 10 plagues that devastated Egypt just prior to the Israelite exodus. This wine-spilling serves as a reminder to Jews that the joy of liberation for the Israelites took place as horrific suffering was experienced by the Egyptian people. Thus on this night of Passover, Jews temper their joy with compassion for the suffering of others.Like the ancient Israelite slaves on the first Passover, we gay and lesbian people are on the eve of a major step forward in our struggle for human rights and basic respect for our human dignity. This is our time of hope and anticipation. This is our time of celebration and joy.Yet even though Prop H8 and DOMA will be overturned this year, we must temper our ecstasy while others in our LGBT community suffer:Although a great leap forward, marriage equality will not stop our queer youth from being bullied in school and tempted to end their lives.Marriage Equality will not prevent queer people of color from being racially profiled or stopped and frisked..Marriage Equality will not stop the hundreds of brutal beatings and murders of our transgender sisters and brothers in the US and around the world.Marriage Equality will not free our gay brother Bradley Manning from military prison where he has been confined naked for 2 years for exposing US military war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.So as we sing and chant, march and dance, work and pray our way to marriage equality, let us remember that even when all marriages are treated equally in the United States this summer, our LGBT Queer struggle for justice and human rights will continue.

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